SWITCH. A short film by Tyson Hesse

This short film offers everyone a fun animation to watch, this made me laugh every time the boy flicked the switch on and off to see what would come up when he flicks the switch. The animation is so perfect it kind of almost looks like it was hand drawn, and the character expressions are so good. this is an animation that everyone should check out because it is a good animationĀ and to watch over and over.



How attack of the clones should have ended: by hishe

This animation is very unique and funny, because it points out the number of endings that the movie could have ended. It shows how Natalie Portman could have died, how Obiwan Kenobi captured Jango Fett and many more. It’s just so great to see the wrongs that the movie has made, and showing the viewers the number of endings it should have ended and save everyone the pain, of watching a mediocore script, story and romance.

Super smosh

Power up (super smosh)#1

by shut up cartoons

This is a funny animation that some people will like and some may say stupid. The guys who voice the characters are the same people who create the smosh videos every Friday. The video is strange but funny, it brings charm and good sense humor to make you feel better after a bad day. It’s a basic story line, they come across some robot and then they get super powers, but works. Animation is nothing impressive but it still looks good I still enjoyed it, also the voice acting is excellent really brings each character come to life. It’s worth seeing to have a good chuckle.


Batman animation

Batman Shanghai

One word to describe this animation and it is awesome, I’ve seen hand drawn animations before but nothing like this. It takes our favorite batman characters, like batman, cat woman and bane, they made like if the characters were in Shanghai. It is just impossible to take your eyes off the screen because the colors and animation are absolutely beautiful and the fight scenes are even stunning as well, so full of color and crazy stunts. I can say a lot more about this animation but you have to check it out of how awesome this animation really is.


Beard Ninja (HD) – Stick Fight – Flash Animation

This is just non stop brutal action thriller that will make you drop your jaw wide open. The story is basic enough, ninjas attack a master swordsman and he just beats the living snot out of them. What really blew me away about the animation is the fight sequences, I have fight animations, but not like this, it’s fast, fluid and looks flawless it is so crazy. I found one problem and that was the ending, it doesn’t really give us a clear idea who the master has to fight and it breaks the viewers interest. But this is still something to watch because it is stunning to watch from start to finish.